Born as a Navy brat in the middle of the Mojave Desert, I started out in a nomadic type of life. Moving every few years from California to South Korea, back to California and then to the tiny island of Guam. My dad took us all over the world.

After retiring, the family ended up in the greatest part of the nation that I know of, Northwest Indiana. Settling down in Porter County and entering the Duneland school corporation, I spent the most time anywhere in this country.

Graduating high school brought a choice on careers and the Navy looked my best opportunity. I followed my father’s footsteps and became a Medical Laboratory Technician. Only one duty station at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor in Washington state was my fate and I got out honorably.

These past years I have completed an Associate degree from ITT Tech (Unfortunately worthless), an on-line course in radio broadcasting & started traveling around the U.S. as an A.S.C.P. certified contract lab tech. I’ve worked in Ohio, Maine, Arizona & Alaska. No marriage, no kids and no house. I go where the work is and try to do the best I can when I’m there.

This economy took a tank & now I’m unemployed, going through bankruptcy & living at home with my parents. But this doesn’t get me down. Here is a link to an incredible article on the matter of children living with parents longer than days of yore by, Dennis Prager, from the WorldNetDaily: Check it out. As the subject of the article, I truly feel he’s hit it on the head.


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