Got Called the N Word the Other Day

In Philosophical on 2010/06/21 at 08:06

I had never felt what that was like. I must admit that I have used the word in conversation, but I have never called that out to anybody in my life & I am not a racist, a realist not a racist. And what prompted the insult was my doing something I do on a daily basis, stretching.

Public places are what we are about. The coming together of Americans, doing American things. I had just ran a half mile around the mall to get the car for my folks & then ate a great bowl of Mongolian Beef. I needed a stretch. So, after smoking a cigarette outside, I decided to sit on the pavement & proceed. When all of a sudden I hear two wanksters walking by with a very pretty girl, mocking me & using that slur. It struck me to my core.

I am five six & a buck forty, these guys were bigger than me. But their walk continued for a few paces until they were about fifty feet away. I got up, went into their line of sight & hollered, “You’re not black, you’re white.” This infuriated the alpha & he proceeded to turn around spewing more hate.  I did the only thing I could think of. I gave them a mighty pair of sumo fingers & then mooned him. The cretin then was even more upset that I had showed his woman my ass. Having provoked the animal enough, I casually buckled back up & strolled into the restaurant.

Adrenaline coursing through my body, my spirit & will fired up. Hoping that asshole doesn’t walk through the doors. I tell my folks about what happened & we order dessert. I never see those guys again. It was a calm walk out of there. But inside me, I was moving. My brain was processing & analyzing the moment, my feelings & my contemplations, all torque on high gear.

I love the written word & I love to hear it spoken & to speak when there are listeners. Before that day, I thought there is not a word I could say or hear that would make me hesitate. My command over the English language stands unfettered with no censorship. Not anymore. I will make the change to never utter that evil word, filled with so much pain for the rest of my life. I only hope those jerks don’t breed, so they won’t be able to spread the idiocracy which is wankster.


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