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Got Called the N Word the Other Day

In Philosophical on 2010/06/21 at 08:06

I had never felt what that was like. I must admit that I have used the word in conversation, but I have never called that out to anybody in my life & I am not a racist, a realist not a racist. And what prompted the insult was my doing something I do on a daily basis, stretching.

Public places are what we are about. The coming together of Americans, doing American things. I had just ran a half mile around the mall to get the car for my folks & then ate a great bowl of Mongolian Beef. I needed a stretch. So, after smoking a cigarette outside, I decided to sit on the pavement & proceed. When all of a sudden I hear two wanksters walking by with a very pretty girl, mocking me & using that slur. It struck me to my core.

I am five six & a buck forty, these guys were bigger than me. But their walk continued for a few paces until they were about fifty feet away. I got up, went into their line of sight & hollered, “You’re not black, you’re white.” This infuriated the alpha & he proceeded to turn around spewing more hate.  I did the only thing I could think of. I gave them a mighty pair of sumo fingers & then mooned him. The cretin then was even more upset that I had showed his woman my ass. Having provoked the animal enough, I casually buckled back up & strolled into the restaurant.

Adrenaline coursing through my body, my spirit & will fired up. Hoping that asshole doesn’t walk through the doors. I tell my folks about what happened & we order dessert. I never see those guys again. It was a calm walk out of there. But inside me, I was moving. My brain was processing & analyzing the moment, my feelings & my contemplations, all torque on high gear.

I love the written word & I love to hear it spoken & to speak when there are listeners. Before that day, I thought there is not a word I could say or hear that would make me hesitate. My command over the English language stands unfettered with no censorship. Not anymore. I will make the change to never utter that evil word, filled with so much pain for the rest of my life. I only hope those jerks don’t breed, so they won’t be able to spread the idiocracy which is wankster.


Am I a Hippy-Con or a Con-Hippy?

In Philosophical on 2010/06/21 at 05:32

I need to figure out what to call myself. So many thoughts begin to race through your head when you turn thirty. If you’re single, that doubt of never finding true love. It feels just the way it did before the first girlfriend. Am I good enough for love? But more so profound. The big questions start to pop into the day to day.

As an adult you see more things than as in youth, age focusing the attention on behavior & interaction between humans. And now for me, more on the interactions between adults & youths, desiring to become a father, I see how people treat their children in public & I can only imagine how they treat them at home.

I want only the best for our future & have lived by a founding principle that I have recently changed. I would proudly call myself a hippy yesterday, embracing a complete freedom of expression. And by doing so, accepting that women have an inalienable right to abort a child.

Now after serious thought & contemplation, I have decided for myself that truly every single life that is created within the human race is so, precious. That unless disease, rape or incest deems necessary, all conception should be carried by a mother & given a chance to become a leader in this country…or on Earth for that matter.

I will now stand on the side of the Conservative Party, as far away from the Religious Right as possible, mind you. They’ve had their chance in the sun. It’s time for some of the change that Obama was talking about. These liberals just aren’t getting the job done.

Mitch Daniels is doing good things here in Indiana & maybe he can toss his hat in for the next election. But whatever happens, we need to get Lady Liberty dressed up in a newer, stronger suit of values draped over with more peaceful, prosperous robes.